CHINIOT-Crime rate in the district has surged up to 12 percent more than during the caretaker setup and afterwards as compared to previous year during the PML-N regime. The study of crime rate in Chiniot district during last five months, from June to October 2018, which comprises three months of caretaker setup and two months of the PTI government, showed a surge in crime incidents. There were total 1,396 criminal incidents occurred during that period, from June to October 2018, as compared to 1,243 during June to October 2017. There were 25 cases of rape reported in 2018 as compared to 14 in previous year. The cases of gang rape were 22 as compared to 13 last year.

There was a huge surge in theft incidents which were 49 in 2018 as compared to 22 last year. While 76 theft incidents at shops and houses were reported in 2018 as compared to 41 incidents last year. There were 53 incidents of motorcycle theft or snatching in 2018 as compared to 28 last year. Similarly, 29 cattle were stolen this year which were 20 last year.

The security sources told The Nation that intraregional transfers of SHOs during caretaker setup were the main cause of crime increase. The SHOs were transferred from Chiniot to Gujranwala, Hafizabad and other areas. Similarly, the SHOs of Lahore and other areas were posted in Chiniot district. The newly posted SHOs were away from their homes, and they thought their sole role was to conduct elections; therefore, they did not pay heed to control crime.

DPO M Anwer Khatran confirmed that there was a surge in crime across Punjab during recent months. He added that there were continuous reshuffles in police during last five months due to which the criminal activities were increased. "In one police station, five SHOs were transferred during one year," he said, adding that now district police were bringing stability in postings of field formations of police stations. He said all SHOs at nine police stations of the district were posted on the basis of their abilities and fitness. "They have been given the task of starting crackdown on criminals and reduce the crime rate in the district, he added.