LAHORE - PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif will not discontinue political activity at whatever meager scale they are on his being in NAB custody despite detection of cancer symptoms in his blood.

The party president is in high spirits although the leadership and workers are worried after a new type of cancer has been found when he has already suffered from spinal cord cancer in the past, said PML-N lawmaker Pervez Malik.

The signs of Chromogranin A, a marker of neuroendocrine tumours, medically reported through blood test of the former CM are apparently at the incipient stage. However, the actual nature of the problem and the treatment will be prescribed after further tests and the CT scan which Shehbaz will undergo at Poly Clinic Islamabad.

Shehbaz who is in NAB custody for investigations, is lodged at Minister Colony after he was given transit remand by an accountability court following production order by National Assembly speaker. His residence has been declared sub jail.

Reports say Shehbaz will stay in Islamabad till November 26 during which he will go through other tests relevant to his problem.

Previously former Chief Minister during his stint in the office after the 2008 elections, was diagnosed with blood cancer for which he was treated in London and was cured of the problem.

However, he used to travel to London from time to time for medical check-up under the advice of the physicians.

Shehbaz Sharif is not only leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly but also heads a major political party which is competing with the ruling PTI.

He is in custody but he is going on all cylinder to lay bare his mind and guide the Party when has gets any political forum like parliament or at the time of his appearance before the trial court. The Party sources say that so far, the matter of the party president’s malady and the matters allied to the same are not being discussed at the party level yet no decision has come from Shehbaz Sharif to abandon his political activity in the interest of focusing on his cure. However at the later stage, the Party may take up the matter of the Party President disease and think over different aspects relating to the same. They say after latest report on Shehbaz Sharif disease, the Party leadership and the workers are much concerned and pray that the problem should not be so advance and be cured at the early stage.

As to possibility of getting treatment in Pakistan or abroad from the physicians who had previously treated him, they said, it has not been decided as yet and this factor will be focused and both the options will be considered after other tests will be complete.

About legal remedy for the release of Shehbaz, Pervez Malik said a petition is already pending before the Lahore High Court to seek release of Shehbaz Sharif and this fact can also be brought to the court notice as additional ground for release. As to getting any help from the government on the humanitarian ground on the matter, Malik replied in naught.