BAHAWALPUR-109 Union Councils (UCs) of Bahawalpur district are facing financial as well as administrative problems. 90 percent of the UCs' rural areas lack buildings for their offices; out of 21 UCs in the city area only two have their own buildings. Arbitration Councils which were established to resolve public and family disputes have become inactive.

According to details, Bahawalpur City have 21 UCs out of which only two have their own buildings while the remaining 19 UCs have established their offices in rented buildings as a result of which they have turned into mobile union councils, record of union council which includes death, birth, marriage certificates and other are not maintained properly and people face difficulties. The UCs receive Rs300,000 from Local Government each month which includes salaries, electricity bill, building's rent and other expenses which are not sufficient to run the UCs' matters. 88 Rural UCs are in a very bad condition; their buildings, located in the river bed areas, have suffered irreparable damages due to flood and these buildings cannot be reconstructed. Arbitration Committees which were established for the resolution of petty disputes, quarrels and land disputes have now become ineffective as a result of which people have to go to police stations while the UCs' is very less as compared to their expenses. Development funds of Rs100,000 are insufficient for development works.

A UC secretary, seeking anonymity, told the media that they were facing severe difficulties due to rented building as owner of the building forced them to vacate it for not paying rent well on time and the office had to be shifted to a new place after a short period. "Due to lack of funds, salaries of the staff cannot be paid on time." He said that each union council should have its building so that record should be remained safe. He added: "Efforts have been underway to computerise the UCs' record since 2008 and it has become very difficult to maintain the record before 2008 as a result of which the people, requesting the copies of death, birth certificates and registered nikkah, are facing severe difficulties."

He demanded: "The Punjab government should allocate special funds for upgrading the UCs."