KAMALIA-People belonging to all walks of life donated to dam fund created by the Supreme Court of Pakistan here the other day.

Kamalia Municipal Committee (MC) officers and other employees submitted a cheque amounting to Rs92,000 to the dam fund . All officers of the municipality donated their two-day salaries while the junior employees gave one day salaries for the cause. On the occasion, MC Chairman Sharif Malik stated: “We must save the next generations from water shortage for their better future; the construction of new dams is very important. The drinkable water level is dropping day by day. So the people should not waste water,” he said. MC Chief Officer Rao Hamid Raza, former MC chairman Rai Ziaullah Khan and Rana Iqbal were present with him on the occasion.


Prominent political figure and former naib nazim of Kamalia Sardar Younus Gujjar said that the PTI had boasted during their election campaign to solve Kashmir problem but there had been no clear policy of the government regarding a solution to the burning issue.

Talking to media here, Sardar Younus stated that Kashmir issue was not being raised up at international forums while India had increased human rights violations in Kashmir. “The Government of Pakistan is silent over killings in Kashmir,” he said, and urged the PTI government to play the same role for a solution to the Kashmir issue as they played in opposition.


Police arrested Hussain near Eidgah Chowk Kamalia and recovered 120 grams of hashish from his possession. Police also arrested Waseem from Eidgah Chowk and recovered 160 grams of hashish from his possession. Police arrested M Ali from General Bus Stand Kamalia and recovered 150 grams of hashish from his possession. In another incident, police arrested M Riaz from Mohallah Khurshidabad Kamalia and recovered 20 litres liquor from his possession.

City Police Station Kamalia registered separate cases against all four suspects.