Tributes have been pouring in for two Pakistani policemen who were martyred on Friday while tackling armed attackers targeted the Chinese consulate in Karachi.

People of China through social media also launched a donation campaign for the valiant policemen for ensuring the safety of staff and families inside the premises of consulate.

The donation campaign for the martyrs, dubbed as the great brothers of Chinese people, has received widespread attention while the number of comments is rapidly increasing.

After the incident, Manager, EXIM Trade Consulting Company in Pakistan, Tang Tianru immediately launched a donation campaign, saying, "The two policemen were killed for protecting us, so I hope the Chinese living in Pakistan can make an effort to help them and their families."

After Ms Tang posted the proposal of donation on social media, the counsellor of the Chinese embassy in Pakistan, Zhao Lijian took the Twitter and shared the screenshots of activities on Chinese social media which he said showed appeals for donations.

"Pakistan’s friendship to Chinese is deeply rooted & generated from heart. To protect us, they left their lives behind. Chinese enthusiasm for donation expresses gratitude to policemen, reflecting a special feeling to Pakistan, which is also very touching," he further added.

He also wished for the quick recovery one of the guards, who got severely injured during the terrorist attack on the consulate.