ISLAMABAD - Ruling Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf leadership has decided to tone down its tirade against what they alleged loot and plunder of national wealth by the PML-N and PPP leaders, at least in the Parliament, to ensure smooth sailing of the apex legislative body in the country.

The ruling party’s core committee discussed the issue of aggressive position taken by some of the PTI cabinet members which resulted in disruption of the parliamentary activity in both houses of the Parliament frequently. It was decided that without compromising the party’s anti-corruption narrative, cabinet members should tone down their criticism and would present their point of view without turning hostile.

It was in this backdrop that National Assembly Speaker Asad Qasir engaged the heads of all parliamentary parties in National Assembly to evolve a code of conduct and request the people sitting on both sides of aisle to show tolerance and respect each other’s point of view and avoid passing derogatory remarks about each other and use of non-parliamentary language.

In the meeting which was held a couple of days before the National Assembly session started here from last Friday, the members of the committee representing all the parliamentary parties would help implement the decisions taken in the meeting through their leadership for the smooth conduct of business of both the houses.

Insiders in the government informed The Nation that Prime Minister Imran Khan who himself was quite vocal on his anti-corruption policy directed his cabinet colleagues to show patience and instead of indulging in exchange of barbs with opposition leaders convey their point of view in soft tone.

The last couple of Senate and NA sessions had witnessed some of the ugliest scenes where the ministers had come in direct brawl with the opposition leaders and on occasions the chair had to call off the sitting as things went out of control.

On one occasion, Senate Chairman Sajiq Sanjrani had to ban the entry of Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry into the house for the session as the minister was not ready to accept the direction of the chair and kept on hitting below the belt and gruelling PML-N Senator Mushahidullah Khan.

However, sanity prevailed later and Prime Minister Imran Khan rang up Senate chairman to dilute the tension.

Sources in the government informed that doves in PTI ranks finally prevailed and in the series of meetings held over the past couple of weeks it was decided that instead of taking hostile line the party leaders should avoid direct confrontation with the opposition leaders.

However, it was reiterated that party must stand by its policy of blanket and ruthless accountability of all and no one found involved in the loot and plunder of the national wealth would be spared.

It was further decided in these meetings that the ministers and senior party leaders would avoid giving statements on sensitive issues on their own and before commenting on sensitive issues policy guidelines would be taken from party’s central leadership.