Human brains probably works over time and looks for the answers to wild questions which haunt in silence moments!

Being totally religious is a dangerous aspect to ponder upon! Millions of preachers, Maulvis, fathers, etc , If they were so pious , there would have been more of us practicing religion than just preaching for monetary gains . The tragedy is that number of preachers is increasing by the day. Practicing a rarity in reality! Hence number of preachers is far higher than the number of followers!

My question is since when and how did the crime and punishment in a human society actually begin from and why? Why did crime take place? Why wars broke out? Looking from religious point of view, it is where Satan refused to bow Prophet Adam saying that he was made from fire and hence will not bow to Adam! He incited Adam to eat the apple which God forbid him to eat. That’s how the story goes.

Does it mean that battles, wars, non-obedience begun where humans erred to obey the instructions of God? Does it mean that when God decided to send humans to earth, he created them so that they would bow to him, listen to him and do nothing against his commandments? If that is the case, and that is the reason religious books, prophets, scholars give, then obviously the discussion ends here , full stop.

Human brain is wild, vigorous and works overtime . It is like a machine fuelled by a wild urge to reach an ultimate conclusion, to read beyond human eye and brain. Man in religious books is “superior of the beings “. In Quran known as “ashraful makhluqat “.

My brains doesn’t let me sleep. The minor battles in a country or two, the surge of extremism in wild east and its fuelling by the external forces, resulting into blood bath all over the world, what are humans actually trying to achieve? Superiority? Of what? Superiority of one human over another?

Like many past empires, conquerors, Generals who won and lost and wars ended or begun in a different way? What is going on? Were two world wars not enough? Were atomic bombing experiments not conclusive that we get nothing out of it? Is it a battle of religions? Why? To prove one religion superior to another? Is man not superior? Is the happiness of man not the ultimate end of all its endeavours? Is victory or defeat not related to a human surge for peace of mind? Then do the colours , creeds, and countries play the vital role in peace and prosperity? The question is where are we heading to?

Blood bath all over the world . ISIS , Defeat of Iraq / Libya , Syria in hell , Israel / Palestine , Pakistan -India -Afghanistan -Iran . Blood nothing but blood gushing all over over!

The battle for supremacy has transformed from humans to nations ! Geographically speaking wars have nothing to do with borders any more ! 90% of the humanity is in serious agony ! Accumulation of wealth in few hands , destructive weapons in few countries, destructive brains scattered all over ,humanity in general is heading towards an ultimate end !

Is there a way we can put a stop to it ? We can not simply say no . Assuming that there is lack of will by the leaders , by the led and the underfed to stand up and unite rather than die every day and see rivers of blood and tears every where !

There is a vast significant majority of the silent spectators,suffering in darkness and deprivation, who can actually turn the tables but who need to be jolted . The sleeping souls who find it easy to see death each day need to wake up !

Consciously or Subconsciously humans are fighting the fourth frantic and most dangerous world war . It’s not who produced the weapons for economic and political gains who pushed us in this war , it is those criminals who produced these weapons and naive who bought them ! Forgetting that the war thrust upon them by the producer seller and beneficiary of wild sale of weapons has an eye on their formidable hidden natural resources !

If dead deaf dumb human of today has to come out of the agony of piracy against his rights ,he has to wake up and start a chain of brains to stand up to the united cause of self construction.

It’s not the weapon , nor the man behind the weapon who can sow the seed of security!

It is the insecure who needs a brain train to the defined destination of tranquility. No leader is needed . The force of the silent sleeping spectator is far deadly than the free neutron that hits the nucleus of a fissile atom!

If there can be a China wall , Chines whisper , then without element of doubt , there can be a fusion of a human bomb , which could practically destroy the destruction caused by the deadly merchants of human lives! Only a matter of time when it triggers! Just like a social media awareness of today , there has to be creation of mental strength of the frail to bail out us out of dying vanishing human soul into wilderness!!!


London, November 20.