LOS ANGELES-Camila Cabello says the ‘’most magical moments’’ of songwriting is when she doesn’t ‘’try’’.

The ‘Liar’ hitmaker used to go into the studio completely prepared to write hit music but now she takes a much more relaxed approach to it all.

She said: ‘’With my first album, I would come to the studio super overly prepared, with every lyric of the song written before I went into the studio and ten concepts and titles for songs that I wanted to write that day. [But] with songwriting, the most magical moments are the ones where you’re not trying at all.’’ Whilst Camila would likely to try anything in the studio to get the perfect song, there is one thing she won’t do in her tracks - swear - because she is always thinking of her 12-year-old sister, Sofia. She said: ‘’I remember being [Sofia’s age] and how much Taylor [Swift] meant to me. I definitely don’t feel like I have to super alter my personality to feel like I’m a good example for younger girls, but at the same time, I am conscious of it. I haven’t sworn in any of any songs.’’ The ‘Havana’ hitmaker was 15 when she auditioned for ‘The X Factor USA’, leading to a spot in girl band Fifth Harmony, and she admitted even when she tried out she wasn’t convinced she had the talent she needed to make it big.