Dengue virus is common in Pakistan so it is one of the very dangerous diseases which case of death. However four more patients die of dengue fever and 828 suspected landed in the three Government hospitals in Rawalpindi. The Punjab anti-dengue campaign but the virus is speeding in the citizens.

The holy family hospital (HFH) received 384 patients on Sunday while 287 patients arrived in Benazir Bhutto hospital (BBH) and 157 in District head quarter Hospital (DHQ) the death of dengue words of the (BBH) and (HFH) they both hospitals average of dengue patients 218 and the doctor said a report about the deaths had been sent the expert advisory group (DEAG) in Lahore so they are saying that patients were facing some other ailments too. They said (DEAG) would check the medical history of the patients.

Whenever the patients report to hospital increased from 18 union councils. Unfortunately in Pakistan dengue cases are always happening and 2,777 cases of dengue reported in capital Nation Health service (NHS) ministery date finds there have been more than 16,000 cases of dengue across the country.

It has come after a heavy rain in summer that is responsibility of Government to provides dengue virus vaccination door to door of Pakistan and would be eradicate. Finally I want to draw the attention of the government authorities they should on it and it should be eradicate of dengue.