From page 1 again and a special meeting of Kashmir cell also took place at the foreign ministry a few days back. The foreign minister said that apart from other recommendations, participants of the meeting had decided to invite Prime Minister Imran Khan in its next meeting. He clarified that political parties had no differences over Kashmir. “National consensus is needed on Kashmir and this need will continue in future,” he asserted. He said Kashmir issue was raised at US Congress with full force for the first time and member of the Congress Rashida tabled a resolution. “The resolution demands lifting of curfew, free access of UN teams to Kashmir and removal of ban from communication,” he further revealed. He said the resolution carried the same demands that Pakistan had made. He said European parliamentarian was taken to occupied Kashmir and US congresswoman also had the same demand that she should be taken to Kashmir. Qureshi said the UN observers had also demanded access to occupied Kashmir.

The foreign minister claimed that Prime Minister Imran Khan was determined for accountability of corrupt elements and the government wanted transparent and across the board accountability. “No one wants to face accountability. Hurdles are being created in way of accountability. All those facing accountability have the same desire; they should be allowed to go abroad,” he maintained. He said he did not want to comment on Asif Zardari’s case as it was to be decided by the court. He said Sindh government created hurdles in way of NAB investigations against Zardari as a result of which the case was shifted to Rawalpindi.

Answering a question on Maulana Fazlur Rehman’s sit-in, he said it was only Maulana who could answer the question that what he brought back from Islamabad. He declined to comment on prime minister’s statement regarding Nawaz Sharif’s health.