The two-track road connecting Karachi port with the upcountry via Hyderabad is known as Super Highway. The Super Highway is, nowadays, in complete shambles. Although it is one of the two main highways of the country, the other being National Highway that connects to up country via Thatta, it is the Super Highway that carries most of the traffic, small and big, which goes right up to the northern end of the country. Both tracks of this road have developed large pothole and cracks that even while driving at minimum speed, one feels the vehicle is going out of control. The left sides of both lanes, called slow track on which, vehicles have to pass through after overtaking, have caved in. Therefore in order to take one's vehicle off from the seriously damaged track, one has to drive continuously on the right track i.e. the one used for overtaking. This is against the rules which most of the time results in imposition of fine by the highway police. It appears the National Highway Authority (NHA), which took over possession of this road a few years ago from provincial government, has totally abounded this important highway. -PROF DR KAZI KHADIM HUSSAIN, Hyderabad, via e-mail, October 12.