What do we get from Qazi Sahib? Train March, Long/Short March, Dharna, civil disobedience or taking-over Islamabad, under one pretext or another. People are fed up with his dismal political performance. He should leave us alone but he doesn't. He should have kept the MMA together but he couldn't. How is he going to keep the country together if he can't keep his allies together? How much money was spent on these train marches and other shows and where did it come from, he will never tell. But this amount could have surely been used in some better way to help the needy in this country. We usually have one or the other kind of scourge among our politicians who almost always talk of the country being mired in a situation like 1971. They always want a Sindhu Desh, a Pakhtunistan or an independent Balochistan with full autonomy. These demands are totally against desire of the majority of Pakistanis. But these surrogates of foreign powers fail to realise that. -Z. ISRAR, Karachi, via e-mail, October 13.