Have any of our city planners, philanthropists or wealthy businessmen ever thought about establishing a modern hospital on Club Road Islamabad, which has a number of hotels, but no hospital on the entire stretch. All our private builders and CDA seem to care about is building houses, houses and houses. The land mafia only wants to build commercial plazas. None of them care about making money from building hospitals. All big hospitals in the capital are on the side of the city having FGSH, PIMS and Capital Hospital. These hospitals are insufficient for the needs of growing population of Islamabad. I request the new CDA chairman to think about establishing a big, modern hospital in the centre of each sector so that people may get advanced medical facilities in their own vicinity. We cannot afford to ignore such important civic components like hospitals, schools and colleges while planning our spreading cosmopolitan cities. -SABA GUL, Islamabad, via e-mail, October 11.