I am sad to hear that our so-called Interior Minister narrowly escaped wrath of the enraged students of Islamic University who were bent upon thrashing him on the spot. I think people like Rehman Malik, Raja Pervez Ashraf and the likes need to be taught a lesson before showing them the door. In fact, the whole setup of this government is teeming with corrupt, anti-state elements responsible for the present deterioration of our political and economic situation. The danger looms all over and no one is safe anywhere. The country is in the grip of internal and external conspiracies. Institutions like GHQ, FIA, CID and a number of police offices are being targeted by the terrorists who have given a blood bath to over one hundred people in less than two weeks. The educational institutions have been compelled to halt all their activities nationwide for an indefinite period, darkening the future of the generation next. Journalists, scholars and politicians along with some more sensitive buildings could be the next target of terrorists. This is happening right under the nose of our elected government but it is paralyzed to do anything. It is high time that enlightened and patriotic people woke up and gathered on one platform to save the nation before its too late. -MICHAEL KAROLUS, Lahore, October 22.