Henry Kissinger had warned Z A Bhutto that America would make 'a horrible example out of him if he chooses to go ahead with his ambition to acquire nuclear technology for Pakistan. Pakistan had just suffered an India-backed insurgency in what was then the East Pakistan. Bhutto was ultimately murdered and Pakistan had to endure 11 long years of misrule by General Zias illegitimate junta. We have suffered endlessly to get this nuclear capability for our defence and eventually declared it to the world after India did so. There should be no confusion in anybodys mind that India has never accepted the reality of Pakistan and the partition of 1947. In a conventional war, India has the superiority in men, weapons, air and sea power. We need to keep developing our nuclear deterrence as long as India continues to do so, in order to have a reliable and credible defence. That is the only guarantee of peace. Nuclear weapons are dangerous and the world needs to look for a world that is nuclear-free without any exceptions. Both India and Pakistan have millions of poor dying every day because of hunger and malnutrition. It was India that forced the nuclear option upon us. Bhutto gave the go ahead for Kahuta project when he had confirmed intelligence reports that India had developed the technology and was just waiting for the opportune timing to announce it. The problem with Kerry Lugar Bill is the reference on checks imposed on Pakistan for acquisition of materials to improve our nuclear capability while India has no such restrictions imposed on it. America and its Congress need to understand that they have a moral obligation to share the responsibility of war on terror. The people of Pakistan also need to acknowledge the vital economic assistance given by US over the years. But the US needs to acknowledge our role too. -TARIQ ALI, Lahore, October 22.