It is more than 18 months that this 'government came into power. I have not read a single article or editorial since which had appreciated the performance of these rulers. There is widespread resentment against their inefficient ministers. The PPP representatives that come on television channels are unable to defend their government. Most are so devoid of wisdom and intellect that they cannot even answer a question. Their usual way out is to start talking of 'qurbanis (sacrifices) of their party. How long can anyone keep encashing the 'qurbanis? I think the ministers, ministers of state and other chamchas of the PPP would actually do a service to their party if they stop appearing in TV discussions. In Punjabi, there is a proverb that Paihra rowan naalon naa rona chunga. (If you cannot cry properly, better not cry at all). -NARGIS BIJARANI, Khushab, October 24.