There is never a dull moment in Pakistan. The latest comes by way of a report (The Nation, October 20) according to which a business enterprise involved in arms trading, that also owns a warehouse located in the industrial area of Islamabad, is working as the subcontractor of the US security company, Xe Worldwide (formerly Blackwater). It was further revealed that in addition to importing heavy arms and ammunition for the US company for its illicit operations in Pakistan, this business unit was also importing sensitive monitoring instruments for Xe Worldwide which have been installed at Sihala by this company to monitor activities of Khan Research Laboratories (KRL) Kahuta. They are keeping an eye on the nuclear assets of Pakistan. We have also learnt through newsreports that a few days before start of the South Waziristan operation by Pakistan Army, the Americans have vacated the checkposts on the Afghan side, thereby, allowing unhindered supply of arms and reinforcements to militants fighting our military. The same military team that destroyed Iraq, under leadership of Mike Mullen (with an extension) and that old hawk Robert Gates, is fully involved at present in the Af-Pak operation. Their real intentions should not be a secret to anybody. As for President Barack Obama, despite his famous speech to the Muslim world, he has shown clearly where his sympathies lie when he surrendered to the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanhyahu on 'settlements freeze. The events show the American government is basically running amok in this region to placate fears of the state of Israel which thinks Pakistan is an even greater threat than Iran. One is absolutely astounded at the complacency of both our government and opposition despite these very disturbing portents. -S.R.H. HASHMI, Karachi, October 22.