I am a French citizen of Pakistani origin who lives in Paris. Recently I took a PIA Boeing 777 flight to London from Islamabad, from where after a two-day stay, I went to Paris. My flight on PIA was good. I fail to understand why people complain about food, which in my opinion was quite satisfactory in terms of quality as well as portions. However, I was quite shocked to notice that one of the pilots flying the aircraft looked well above 60 years of age. The reason for my concern at his age was that the flight was in French airspace, which strictly bans any commercial aircraft flying its airspace with a pilot above 60 years in age. Similar restrictions are in place in other countries of Europe also. Does the PIA or CAA Pakistan know about these restrictions? This could become a very serious and embarrassing issue for Pakistan, especially when viewed in the background that PIAs over-aged fleet had once faced restrictions within Europe, which are still applicable to some aircrafts. -GULL ZAMAN, Paris, October 23.