On October 23, 2009 (Friday) Kamra Complex - the heart of Pakistan's Aeronautical Industry and various research and development programmes - has been hit by the recent wave of suicide bombers. The General Headquarters (GHQ) of the army was similarly targeted a few days earlier. In between, the last two days, hardly a day has past without similar attacks on major security targets in the different cities of Pakistan. Even the educational institutions have not been spared. The attack on the IIU is a classic example of the new barbaric trend. The message is loud and clear, that the mastermind behind this terrible game will leave no stone unturned till their mission of destabilising the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is achieved. According to their 'unholy grand strategy, the capping, neutralisation and ultimate undoing of Pakistans nuclear capability are the key to their own survival, which is not going to happen - Inshallah. Moreover, under the prevailing environment of economic turmoil compounded by sharp political, provincial, ethnic and secretarial divisions in the country, the strength and stability of the state hinges, precarious on the professional calibre and credibility of its armed forces coupled with the foolproof command and control of its nuclear arsenal. That being the only effective deterrent for the countrys defence because Pakistan cannot depend on the conventional war potential due to the obvious imbalance in its relative strength as compared to the likely threat from our eastern neighbours. Keeping the above factors in view, one has to look back at the grave threat posed to Pakistans national security when the local militant forces were supplied with latest weapons, training and unlimited funds by anti-Pakistan powers and their agencies; our nation faced the worst crisis of its survival with the revolt in NWFP and Balochistan. The rumour mongering machines had started churning out the propaganda that Islamabad was no longer a safe place to live. However, some foreign powers requested for, and were granted additional land to expand their embassies, to house their own security staff. Not by dozens, not even by hundreds of trained and equipped with modern weapons the security staff exceeded beyond one thousand commandos. Unfortunately, no one cared to calculate the strength of the foreign soldiers in the capital which exceeded the normal size of a brigade force in Islamabad for aid to the civil power in case of any emergency. The indifference by the federal government towards the implications of this alarming situation is awful; to say the least it is to naive to suggest that this inadvertent oversight was in good faith. Be that as it may by restoring the situation in Swat and Malakand areas, Pakistan was saved by the grace of God through prompt action by the armed forces. The ongoing operation Rah-e-Nijat - presently underway - is the final act of the same drama of blood and fire being enacted by the extremists on the behest of their masters to make the last bid to undo Pakistan. Having been encircled by the security forces in Waziristan, their remnants who have succeeded to escape from Malakand, Swat and FATA areas to various sympathetic dens in Balochistan, Sindh and Punjab are in action, wherever and whenever they find an opportunity to spread fear amongst the population through suicide bombings. But the depression of the terrorist is apparent as they can see their horrific fate drawing closer and closer by the day in Waziristan. The writing is on the wall. As a final word, we should firmly follow the old adage: United we stand, divided we fall. And at this critical juncture, let us all rally to the call of our Founding Father Unity, Faith and Discipline. The writer is the president of the Pakistan National Forum.