As the Supreme Court’s proceedings on the Karachi law and order go on, more killings have occurred. Just on Tuesday, 15 people died and the next day by the time the hearing had started, five more men had been shot down. The court was informed that up to Oct 20 this year 1800 people have been killed which is no small a number to be played down. The court pulled up the IG police upbraiding him that he had a whole army of commandoes to protect him but the common man’s security was being neglected. That is justified criticism because it is a routine that the big guns protect themselves and leave citizens at the mercy of robbers and target killers. Add to this, the court’s frustration at the concrete wall around Bilawal House that has been obstructing free passage of traffic, again a symbol that the rulers want security but only for themselves. No wonder that a World Bank report ranks Pakistan on 107th position in the list of countries unfit for business. How the gangsters have taken control of what was once the city of lights and the general crime graph elsewhere explains everything.

But at our own end, it seems everywhere political expediency rules the roost. It is the cause for rampant exploitation of the criminal justice system when notorious killers, hours after they are caught are let off on a telephone call, to lower court’s that are pressurised into issuing bails and lastly turf war by ethnic rivals. A hopeless situation!