It is said that during the 2nd World War, when the American’s joined in the war, they won it because of a Dam. The Grand Cooli Dam in USA made it possible to manufacture aluminum, due to cheap power, this enabled the US to make several hundreds of air planes that tilted the balance against the Germans. A large number of planes destroyed the cities, carpeting them with thousands of bombs. This shows the power of cheap energy, which can decide the fate of a war or a nation. We in Pakistan scarcely realize that cheap energy produced by a hydro electric dam is the key to economic progress in peace as well as in war time.

The wizards sitting in power are deaf and dumb and in this regard they are pushing Pakistan into the dark ages. The progress of a nation is measured in the modern world by the quantum of energy used by it. When we see that half of the time there is loadshedding, resulting is closure of industries and large scale unemployment. We need someone who is sincere in wanting Pakistan to walk on the road of progress instead of backwards.


Lahore, October 22.