There seems to be a rising trend among teenagers to use energy drinks at the cost of destroying their health. I would like to enumerate some potential health problems associated with the intake of sweetened, energy or fizzy drinks.

Obesity can be attributed to the additional calories that these drinks carry, the lack of milk consumption which results in calcium deficiency with the added risk of osteoporosis. Children and grownups suffer tooth decay and have more dental erosion. The main stimulant in these energy drinks are, large doses of caffeine along with sugar, which can both cause long-term health hazards. We need to spread awareness to negate the effects of these harmful drinks. The schools and parents need to be well informed about the health implications of such energy and fizzy drinks in schools and universities. Western countries have already regulated using only healthy drinks and juices in educational institutions. There is a need to implement a clearly defined, countrywide policy that restricts the sale of such drinks, thus safeguarding against health problems, especially in schools.


Karachi, October 20.