The two match T20 series between Pakistan All Star XI and International World XI were played in good spirit. In both the matches the stadium was jam packed, which proved that people of Pakistan want the revival of international cricket, but at the end of the second T20 match between Pakistan All Star XI and International World XI, Dr Mohammad Ali Shah the organiser of the matches asked the audience sitting in the stadiums to chant slogans for MQM chief Altaf Hussain. This makes no sense to anyone, especially in international events where the whole world is watching how we behave and what we do. Why do we have to make a mockery of ourselves on every platform.

Dr Mohammad Ali Shah may be personal fan or friend of this so-called leader who is in self-imposed exile for 20 years due to security concerns. I would like to ask the organisers what message they are giving to world by thanking a political leader, for these matches, who himself does not have faith in Pakistan’s security, who is less brave then a fourteen year old girl who stood for what she believed in. Does Altaf Hussain believe in Pakistan?.


Karachi, October 22.