LAKKI MARWAT - PTI MNA Col (Retd) Ameerullah Marwat has said the refusal in part of parents to immunise their children against the deadly polio disease is unacceptable, asking the administration to initiate stern action against such reluctant parents.

He was speaking at a seminar held in the District Headquarters Complex Tajazai to mark world polio day. Other speakers included Deputy Commissioner Syed Zafar Ali Shah, District Health Officer Dr Nek Nawaz

Khan and Coordinator Expanded Programme on Immunisation Dr Hafeezullah.

“The number of refusal cases is alarming and a comprehensive strategy should be put in place to reduce these cases in the district,” the PTI lawmaker said.  He said that un-vaccinated kids also posed serious threat to those who had been administrated with oral polio vaccine. He said the globally observed day required our commitment to end the fatal epidemic and make our district, province and country polio free.

Ameerullah asked the relevant quarters to first motivate and

convince parents on usefulness of kids’ immunisation and launch stern action in case refusal by them.

Deputy Commissioner Syed Zafar Ali Shah asked the health officials and employees affiliated with polio eradication initiatives to med their ways or get ready to face action.

He made it clear that the local administration would not be silent spectator if district health authorities failed to fulfil their responsibility of ensuring access of polio workers to each house and every child in the district. He also stressed the need for launching concerted efforts to eliminate the disease completely. DHO Dr Nek Nawaz also spoke on the occasion.