Dublin: The Sun Express from flight Dublin to Turkey which took off on Saturday morning, was forced to make an emergency landing in Belgrade, because of unruly behavior by an inebriated passenger, British media reported on Sunday.

The drunk Irishman stripped off and attempted to have sex with a stewardess.

The Serbian Interior Ministry identified the man as an Irish resident who boarded the flight from Dublin to Izmir with a group of friends.

Passengers on board said that his friends cheered on throughout the sexual overtures. Witnesses also said that the Irishman's friends had 250 pints of beer between them and delayed the plane by 10 hours.

According to a report in the Metro , the Serbian Interior Ministry spokesman said, 'Irish citizen was visibly intoxicated, aggressive and very rude. He insulted the crew and resisted the security guards. He even tried to physically attack our officers. He was quickly overcome and detained until he sobered up.'

The plane made an emergency landing at the Nikola Tesla airport in Belgrade. The passengers were so petrified that they couldn't even look at them.

A police spokesman told MailOnline ,'There was a girl who was so drunk that she was offering sex to airport employees.

'The group were chanting and shouting. One could see that they were very drunk.

'The girl even offered sex to police officers at the scene who were trying to calm the situation down. The girl is understood to have been arrested later.'