“Listen! I can disrespect a woman, I can humiliate a poor boy at the street, I can slap an old man if I do not like him, I will never follow the traffic rules because it’s below my dignity, I will never bow-down before the law, I am egoist, I am powerful, I am the strong, only I have the right to decide what is right and what is wrong, for the whole community. But do you know who I am? I am a son of a Pakistani politician. Son. Of. A. Pakistani. Politician. Okay?”

You think I am lying? Really you think so?

But, I am not.

She was beautiful, but a very poor girl. She couldn’t get education not because of ‘poverty’ but only because of her beauty. Her poor father knew very well that “hungry lions will never forgive her innocent child”.

But she had to go out one day. This was the horrific and the most unfortunate day for the poor man’s family. Their angel-like daughter came back, but had lost everything. She was laughing and staring at the sky. God! Was this the end? Was this or not? Would I be directed to please the rich of the town again? She probably thought so.

Her poor father did everything to give her justice. People were pointing out this lesser child of God. “He and his daughter go to the police station because he is bayghairat”, the ‘saints’ of the town were asserting.

The police didn’t hear him. Even though his daughter was raped before many people, all of them saw the girl when she was helplessly crying. Yes, they saw her, but didn’t help her in her fight –not even in death.

“Daughter! I cannot do anything. I am tired now. People speak but the Police do not hear. I am sorry I cannot give you justice.” The father accepted the cruel fate but the girl didn’t.

She was weeping and silent tears were scrolling down from her dry cheeks. She was feeling helpless, but she suddenly stood up and went to the police station: “Will you give me justice? “

“No, you are lying girl. The whole town knows they are very noble and humble people. They could not have molested, dragged, humiliated and raped you.”

The door was shut down. She was standing on the road. People were gazing at her with their dirty eyes. And she eliminated her body forever. . .

The story of the unfortunate girl didn’t end here. When the burnt body of “his princess” was in front of his old father, he was weeping and cursing himself. Neighbors came and clearly said to him: “Look man, your daughter has committed suicide in front of us. Suicide is ‘haram’ in Islam. You yourself know this. We are sorry but we can’t join you in the namaz-e-janaza (funeral prayers).”

Something similar happens every day in Pakistan. In fact I must say it happens every hour. The Police, the courts and other state institutions are there to declare as “noble and humble” those “angels” who have never erred. Despite the fact that this “angelic creation” has left nothing back in destroying the world and humiliating the humankinds.

The story is over but I am putting one question below and I want you all to think about it

Who killed her?