This concerns the piece titled, ‘Depressed’ by Ms Maham Anees published in The Nation on September 26, 2016. The writer is complaining of mental depression after browsing through different news channels on the national television network. She is absolutely right. The news comprising of dirty politics, heinous murders, fatal road traffic accidents, abductions for ransom and negative views about our homeland by the foreign countries and their leaders would make any sane person go into depression.

There is a solution to this problem, through a lone television channel, PTV news and its official advertisements. Watch this news and the ads and everything will be fine. You will see colossal development going on in the country in every field starting from infrastructure to education and the economy. You name a thing and it is going in the right direction. People are happy with the ever improving standard of living, there is ample food for the needy, health services are exemplary and our standing in the comity of nations is something to boast about. It is a story of milk and honey flowing in our five rivers.

I wonder if we could find a better remedy for depression than watching Pakistan Television news and government sponsored talk shows and paid advertisements.


Lahore, September 27.