Jacobabad, once a flourishing city, now faces multiple problems. Over the decades, neglect and never development has led to the deterioration of the city. Out of all the problems, perhaps the biggest one is the non-availability of drinking water. For this city of around one million people, the citizens are forced to fetch water from faraway places. They pay Rs 10 to 20 for a single canister. How can a government tolerate such sufferings on its people? Fortunately, a water scheme, assisted by USAID and World Bank, is now underway. Despite a few hurdles, I think the water scheme has the potential to ease the sufferings of the citizens of Jacobabad. 

The people are also facing tremendous health hazards. It is considered to be the highest concentration area for Hepatitis. The health facilities in the city, which are below par, are also one of the reasons why this disease is spreading in the area. Limited expertise, coupled with greed and corruption, has led to a situation where people do not get properly treated. 

The local authorities have also failed to maintain a standard of drainage and waste management. Heaps of garbage are also assisting the spread of multiple diseases. The infrastructure within the city is anything but functional. 

It is my request to concerned authorities that they get rid of their lethargic attitude and make efforts to address all of these problems. We must save this city and its people. 


Karachi, September 27.