We've read many facts

about the success and glory

There's  hidden hard work

behind every other story

How much time does it take

to come up with a plan

Make a wish and go for it

there you'll find a best clan

Do not bother any difficulty

coming  in  your  way

God will always be there

Just have hope and pray


By Shiza Salam Butt

I live in a dream in which

I live in a small hut,

Floating paper boats joyfully in water

Flying kites so high in the clear sky

Having my favorite little Red

Scarf which have black polka dots

And my favorite little Red

Frock which is dark Red and

Have beautiful frills and fur on it

I have my little pumpy on which

Bunny’s face is been drawn

And everything in my life has been Red

Because I love all Red.

My hut’s door and top floor is colored Red

And I have a Red basket in which

I collect Red Cherries from the hill

And of course how can I forget about Red Roses..??

I have Red dolls and Red lipsticks

I have Red earrings, Red necklaces

I have Red dresses and Red nail polishes

I love Red, I live in Red.

I have Red ponies

And Red bracelets plus Red anklets

Red rings, Red pins

I like total Red because

I live in a “Dream of Red”

Eid Celebrations


We celebrate Eid-ul-Adha and the Hajj,

In which the rewards are much.

Eid-ul-Adha is a reminder of Ibrahim’s (PBUH) sacrifice,

Which shows us in how many ways Allah is nice.

We run between the mountains of Safa and Marwa,

Since it was done by Bibi Hajira.

Hajj is about equality,

Forget your own individuality.

Doing the rituals in a few days,

For cleaning your slate, this is one of the ways.

The reason for this Eid leads back to Ibrahim’s (PBUH) story,

But we must remember that only Allah deserves all glory.

Published in Young Nation magazine on September 10, 2016