By Mahrukh Murtaza

“I can say anything to my siblings, but you lay a finger on them and I am up against you”

that is something every one of us has felt and dealt with. You feel the urge to protect your siblings no matter how much fist fight you do.

A sister is someone who will cover up your deeds from parents and give you best of advices and a brother is someone who will protect you from every evil eye and will be against anyone, annoying you. You are blessed if you have one or both of them.

Life is good when you have your siblings by side face plights together. Having a cheery and tearychildhood together. Siblings are indeed your best friends. They know what you like or dislike. What irritates you the most and what pleases you the best. Though sometimes, it gives them the edge too to annoy you.

But all this and much more makes them our first and best buddies. How? Because we have inner jokes, that only we can understand, we have our own family things that can be everyday night time conversations or every weekend picnic. Maybe a family recipe that we have mutually shared and loved to eat together. Or the bond that is not only thicker than water but everything.

Let us count some of great things in a sibling’s bond that makes them best friends. First is the inside jokes. We share countless inside jokes with our siblings. We know each other’s embarrassing moments from childhood, that we occasionally refer to. Like for instance, my little sister used to wear absurd clothing in her babyhood. A skirt with a frock, was her favorite dress assortment. And this itself is the greatest joke of our family. And we still tease her sometimes for her bad taste in clothing. Same as that, everyone has their own great stories.

Second best things about your siblings is their bluntness and truthfulness while giving opinions. They’ll tell you straight forwardly if something doesn’t fit on you or you are not looking pretty or may be that you need to take shower because you are smelly. And that’s what a best friend should do. A best friend tells you honestly no matter how little you want to hear it.

Thirdly, another prove that your sibling is your best friend is that you can’t cut ties off them. No matter how angry you are how hurt u have been by them, at the end of the day you won’t be able to resist yourself from going back to them. Everyone of you must have faced it once in their life when you were really pissed off by your siblings and someone has talkedimproperly about them,and all of the sudden you have started to defend them forgetting all about your anger. Yes! That is why you call your siblings your best friends. You won’t be able to remain mad at them for longer and no matter how mad you are at them you won’t listen a word against them.

Fourthly, the non-verbal communication. You actually don’t need to talk to tell what’s happening around the home or a family gathering. You havegot looks for each other to communicate perfectly about the situation, for example, “mom isn’t in good mood so brace yourself and don’t create mess in the house” or “mother is being embarrassing again”.

Life becomes bearable when you have siblings around you. Time will fly away but memories with your siblings will remain intact and will shove you into reverie and you’ll feel nostalgic when you will be grown up and will be living part. Then an old song or a drama or may be an old restaurant where you were frequent with your family will bring about many memories. And time will prove that indeed your siblings are your Best Friends!

Published in Young Nation magazine on September 17, 2016