BHALWAL - Negligence and indifference of the Tehsil Municipal Administration have turned the city’s main cemetery and Bhalwal Bar Association lavatories into hideouts for drug addicts.

According to a survey, the residents living in surroundings of the graveyard said that the rising number of drug-addicts in the main cemetery of the city is a serious problem. The addicts are transforming the place into a filth depot. Their constant presence has become a threat to the life and honour of the residents, the people said.

They added that the addicts use the lavatories as hideouts under the patronage of lawyers’ clerks. They said that they have submitted repeated complaints to the authorities concerned for clearing the graveyard from the drug addicts but the TMA authorities have turned a deaf ear to their cries. They deliberately allow the addicts to carry out their activities in the area, they said.

They demanded the Punjab government should look into the matter and clear the graveyard from the drug-addicts. They also demanded stern action against the negligent officials. “There is need to create awareness among the people regarding harms of using narcotics,” they pointed out, saying that religious scholars should also play a key role to keep the people away from addiction.