MIRPUR (AJK)-AJK Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider on Monday pledged to gear up Kashmir freedom movement, and collaborative efforts along with all the political parties for defusing the Indian propaganda against the freedom struggle.

“The AJK government will play a vital role to this direction,” the prime minister said while talking to media. He said, “Kashmiris are the main part of the Kashmir issue, when Kashmiris raise their issue in front of the world, the world will listen to them and give importance to Kashmir, this issue is expanding internationally by making effective immigrant contacts. Government of AJK is representative government of people living on both the sides of LoC.

He added, “The world is listening to our voice, the condition is that we should present our case properly; under an organised strategy, voice of oppressed Kashmiri will be presented to the world with the help of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan.”

He said that Pakistan is the destination of Kashmiris who in 1944 had cleared their relationship before the independence of Pakistan on Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s visit to Kashmir.

He said that his tour to Europe was aimed to highlight Kashmir issue in the European Parliament and to expose the serious violations of human rights in Indian occupied Kashmir; this tour was successful and our voice was heard in European countries. The strategy to unite Kashmir Diaspora on a platform has been adopted to effectively highlight the movement of Kashmir, he said.

He said, “India is engaged in negative propaganda against the freedom movement after the 9/11 incident. Developed countries have commercial interests linked to India due to a large trade market, and India is benefiting its status globally. But when the Kashmiri themselves raise their voices to the world, they will be listened and develop pressure on India to solve the problem.”

He said that there are UN resolutions on Kashmir issue, No other agreement in the presence of UN resolutions can affect Kashmir issue. He said that the Kashmir Week was held in the European Parliament by the Kashmir Council Europe, its President Syed Ali Raza is playing a vital role in Europe regarding Kashmir issue. During this week, various legislators including EU members of European countries, British members of Parliament, EU officials, Diaspora and European civil society attended different events, he said.

“Image exhibitions were held at the Brussels Press Club in which Indian oppression was exposed, historical importance of Kashmir, freedom movement of Kashmir, serious human rights violations by Indian forces in occupied Kashmir, Indian ceasefire violations on Line of Control and implementation of unjustified rules in occupied Kashmir were highlighted,” the prime minister added.

He said that the goal of going to France was to highlight Kashmir issue in Europe and presenting it to the European Parliament, which was successful. He said that he invited European countries representatives to come to Kashmir and review the situation.

He said that the project of expressway under CPEC did not separate Muzaffarabad from the road. He also announced that the Prime Minister Secretariat has decided to establish an overseas cell. He said that there will soon be a breakthrough regarding Royalty of Mangla Dam and agreement on the Neelum Jhelum Hydro Power Project. He said his government had already discussed this issue with Prime Minister Pakistan.

He told the media representative that special meeting of Finance Division on the direction of the prime minister of Pakistan would be organised probably in two days to meet the issue of non-development budget of Azad Kashmir and other state issues.

To a question, he said that Lady Health Worker’s case would soon be settled. “The federal government has assured to allocate budget to bring these workers on regular pay scale; the matter of financial issues of Azad Kashmir has been raised on the federal level. It will be discussed with regard to the non-development budget. There will be no compromise on real issues”, the prime minister reiterated.