Islamabad - The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has taken serious notice of the blocking of roads, footpaths and erection of fences around private and government-owned houses and buildings in various parts of the capital city.

All such constructions are illegal and liable to be demolished, said the CDA officials. However, the encroachers have had hardly paid any heed to the warnings of the CDA issued time and again, they added. The authority has once again decided to issue warnings through public notices to the owners of high-rise buildings, commercial, industrial, institutional, government buildings and residential houses which have encroached upon CDA land, to remove the same, said the officials at Building Control Section of the CDA.

The officials said that the authority has noticed blockage of roads/footpaths, illegal occupation of CDA land, erection of fences around the buildings on CDA land, construction of car parking on CDA land and provision of security measures on CDA land.

“The authority has time and again issued notices for removal of such encroachments, however, the same has not been complied with,” they lamented.

The officials have warned the building owners/occupants who have made encroachments, to remove such encroachments without any delay. They said that no time will be given in any case and the encroachments will be removed by the authority without any notice.

The space allocated for parking and the playing areas are fast shrinking from the localities having government accommodations as the allottees have been given free hand to grab what part of the adjacent land they can. The enforcement directorate is more focused towards the commercial centres giving the government accommodation allottees a room for the illegal activity. Seemingly no end in sight, the menace has now started defacing the beauty of the city, thanks to the lacklustre approach of the quarters responsible for enforcing the regulations.

Furthermore, the CDA has asked the owners/occupants of all the buildings in the city to make their premises compliant with Building Code of Pakistan—Fire Safety Provisions 2016 and submit a certificate for adequate fire safety provisions in accordance with the Building Code of Pakistan Fire Safety Priovisions—2016.