Telefilm Chaal comes as a surprise for people who praise Faseeh Bari Khan as a writer of modern times. Released in 1999, Chaal acquaints us with the fact that Faseeh Bari Khan has been writing for more than 18 years and once in the past, collaborated with the critically acclaimed director and filmmaker Mehreen Jabbar to produce a murder thriller based on the American film Dial M for Murder.

While Mehreen Jabbar’s fans find it interesting that she directed a piece by a controversial writer known for penning taboo stories, Faseeh Bari Khan’s fans equally relish the fact that he got his piece directed by a woman who is known for soft, calmly moving telefilms and drama serials.

However, both the writer and the director seem to have put efforts in making the telefilm, for the complications involved in the murder plan perpetrated by Zahra (Nadia Jamil) and Sadaf (Shariqa Fatima) seems a difficult idea to adapt, but has been executed in a fine manner. Faisal Rehman (Haris) plays a victim in it.

The only telefilm shot by Mehreen Jabbar in Lahore, Chaal captures some of the most beautiful and historically significant spots of the city. Faseeh Bari Khan , who himself is from Karachi, but has recently shifted to Lahore out of endearment for it, has this piece of writing as a token of his love for Lahore. It is only Chaal and an upcoming drama serial of his which have been shot in Lahore, otherwise Faseeh Bari’s plays have always focused on the lives of Karachiites.

Talking about it as a Mehreen Jabbar work, it has been produced under the banner of Tasveer Productions like her other films produced in late '90s, such as Putli Ghar, Farar, Laal Baig and Abba, Amma aur Ali. It has that sepia touch visible in almost every work of the director, be it her plays from recent years like Malal, Coke Kahani, Doraha and her film Dobara Phir Se.

Chaal is an Urdu word for multiple words like Gait and Move. In this adaptation, it hints at the move made by two clever women to kill a man. In order to know whether the move turns out to be successful or not, the telefilm is to be watched. It is an interesting work with a number of twists and unpredictable acts finely performed by Nadia Jameel who plays the real planner. Faisal Rehman, with his French beard gains a good appearance for a thriller play, and Shariqa Fatima, with her innocent looks and a large shawl wrapped around herself, fits well in the role of a seemingly simple women.

Chaal is Mehreen’s only collaboration with Faseeh Bari Khan , but comments from fans after the uploading of the telefilm on social media suggest that people wish to see the two of them working together.