MIRPUR (AJK)-A veteran Kashmiri leader termed braid-chopping of women in Indian occupied Kashmir a deep-rooted conspiracy of Indian secret agencies.

Jammu Kashmir National Front (JKNF) Vice Chairman Altaf Hussain Wani said that the occupational authorities through the vicious campaign wanted to divert the attention of the world from the real issue.

Talking to reporters, Wani expressed his resentment over the shocking incidents taking place in the region, and said that it was deep rooted conspiracy of India to instill fear among Kashmiri masses. He said that Indian troops were spotted on the scene and caught red handed by the people at different places in Kashmir. “These incidents speak volumes about how low the Indians can stoop to while carrying out their sinister designs against Kashmiris,” he said. He added that the women folk who have been at the forefront of ongoing freedom struggle have created a new history of bravery and resilience. He termed braid chopping India’s new strategy to instill fear among the Kashmiri masses.

He said that the Indian troops after facing fiasco at the hands of Kashmiri people have now resorted to this kind of shameful tactics, which is highly condemnable.

Expressing serious concern over lynching of an alleged braid chopper, Wani said that the people should demonstrate highest degree of responsibilities while dealing with such kind of incidents.

“India has lost the battle in occupied Kashmir despite using deadly weapons, pellet guns and harassing women,” he said adding that on one hand India was trying to stifle Kashmiris’ freedom struggle by showering bullets and pellets on peaceful protesters while on the other entire resistance leadership has been thrown behind bars.

Terming Kashmiris’ ongoing struggle for right to self-determination a legitimate indigenous struggle, the APHC leader said that the vilification campaign against resistance leadership is bound to fail. Denouncing the illegal detention of party chairman Nayeem Ahmed Khan and other Hurriyat leaders, he said that NIA and ED authorities who have been working on the whims and fantasies of New Delhi have been trying to defame Kashmiris’ indigenous struggle thereby leveling false and fabricated accusations against the leaders.

“Humiliating and harassing Kashmiri leaders is old tactics of Indian authorities,” Wani said. He added that since Kashmiris have rendered unprecedented sacrifices for their right to self-determination, these kind of mean tactics by the government of India would not deter Kashmiri leadership from pursuing the long cherished goal of freedom.

He said, “India has psychologically lost battle in Kashmir.” He noted that the sooner India reads the writing on the wall, the better it is.