Pakistan has sufficient gas because of province Balochistan commonly “sui gas” which was discovered in 1952 but nothing could be done only by discovering. It was not utilized equily specially some areas of balochistan were supplied after decades not only narrow narrative took place also brought up deforestation in country. Country is facing a huge rate of losing parts of forests which is obviously creating environmental issues. Trees are cut for timbering and purposes of cooking, a huge number of people depend on trees for cooking and timbering, this is a shàme that still we depend on trees to cook something, illegal use of trees for making furniture is touching sky and timber mafia of locals, corrupt politicians and police officers are involved in this crime.

Authorized people of wildlife are sleeping under a tree which has not been cut yet otherwise they could walk up and observed this horrible issue and this issue and it’s consequences has been indicated by United nations organization (UNO).

Now government must provide gas to entire country and implement wildlife laws to stop illegal use of trees for making furnitures and for other means. Such actions can play a crucial role for saving forests.


Karachi, October 18.