GUJRANWALA - The DHQ Hospital management, despite having requisite funds and facilities available, has failed to deal politely with patients.

It has been learnt that on Tuesday, a five-year-old boy was allegedly denied a bed in the hospital. Parents of the boy were compelled to administer an intravenous fluid to the little patient outside the hospital under a tree.

The minor was identified as Abdul Qadir. He suffered from fever and his parents took him to the hospital where the doctors refused to offer a bed to him as, according to the hospital management, there was no bed available at that time. The parents took their boy outside the hospital and administered an intravenous fluid at an open place under a tree.


A pottery factory caught fire due to short circuit here the other day. The fire reduced equipment and other material worth millions of rupees to ashes. According to factory workers, they were busy performing routine work when storeroom had caught fire and they saved their lives by rushing outside the factory premises.