DIG (Operations) Dr Haider Ashraf on Wednesday came down hard on corruption-tainted policemen and fired eight police including four station house officers.

The DIG also punished 32 other policemen over different changes ranging from negligence to misuse of powers. The punishments included forfeiture of service, stoppage of annual increment and censure. 

A police spokesman said DIG Haider Ashraf awarded punishment to at least 41 policemen while hearing their appeals during Orderly Room. The policemen were given a chance to respond to the allegations during the hearing but they failed to satisfy the officer. The punishments were awarded to the officers in the light of the departmental inquiry reports.

According to police, former SHO Kahna Sub Inspector Atta Ullah was dismissed from service for having links to land grabbers. Similarly, former SHOs of Defense-C, Chuhng, and Hadyara police stations including sub inspectors Muhammad Ikram, Shahid Ali, and Safdar Abbas were terminated from their services on the charges of negligence and using delaying tactics in registration of criminal cases.

Also, In-charge Chowki Soay Asal Sub Inspector Muhammad Arif and Constable Ghazanfar Ali were dismissed from service on the charges of backing criminals and land grabbers. T-ASI Tahir Masood was fired for writing a bogus case while Constables Qaiser Abbas and Touqeer Akram were dismissed from service for patronizing gangsters.

The police spokesman said that at least 32 other police from sub-inspector to constable rank were also awarded punishments after allegations of corruption, misuse of powers, and negligence proved true against them during departmental inquiries.

On this occasion, Dr Haider Ashraf warned the officers that there would be zero tolerance policy in case of complaints regarding corruption, misuse of powers, poor performance, and negligence. The officer further said that the policemen found involved in malpractice and corruption would be kicked out from the city police department.

The DIG also urged the field police officers to help the victims of crimes and other citizens by providing them prompt justice and taking action against the culprits.