Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif has said that on the Afghanistan conflict enormous trust issue are prevailing between Pakistan and the US.

He was talking to the BBC after the meeting with the US State Secretary Rex Tillerson yesterday.

The US State Secretary is the first senior US official to visit Pakistan after the President Trump accused Pakistan for providing safe heaven to terrorists.

Rex Tillerson with his meeting with Pakistani officials repeated Trump’s message to ‘do more’ to clear your land from terrorists outfits.

He has also appreciated the efforts of Pakistan and said “Pakistan is an important player to deal with some critical challenges in the region”.

While talking to the BBC Khwaja Asif restated “they don’t need our territory now, more than 40% of Afghan territory is now under their control so there are no ‘safe heavens’ in Pakistan now.”

According to the BBC report the US and Afghan officials believe that despite the efforts of Pakistan terrorists can still use the Pakistan’s territory to plan attacks in Afghanistan.

Foreign minister totally rejected such allegations and said “it is the failure of US and international forces that they are still unable to end conflict in Afghanistan.”

On the question of imposing economic sanction on Pakistan Khwaja Asif dismissed the possibility of sanctions.

Pakistan has received no military aid and very little economic assistance from the US and now we are not like in the past when America used us as its proxy, he further added.

He further stated that “yes there is a trust deficit but both the sides are working on it.”

Why they lost almost 45% of the Afghan territory in last 12 years now it is the time for the US to do some self-accountability, he added.