The elections recently held in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) have many in doubt over their legitimacy and the amount of terror that resides in that little region. Jammu has largely casted their vote in favour of BJP, which is a worrying situation because the party has a well established reputation of indulging in hate speech and promoting violence. Kashmir Valley saw a majority of votes in favour of Congress. However, no matter how transparent the entire process is projected, Kashmir is a cause for concern for India. Several years after separation, the people are still not converts and manipulating such electoral results by terrorising people is not a new gimmick of the Indian authorities.

Unknown arsonists had set the panchayats on fire and the aim, more than ever, was to create a sense of fear in these people, and to be able to get the desired outcomes which only help further oppress them. People have been threatened not to vote and hence the common was living in nothing but fear of both the government and the militants.

At the same time, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is trying to change the constitutional clause which prohibits non-Kashmiris to buy property in the region and this is currently being debated in their Supreme Court and many are in favour of removing this clause. This already had the public upset and the new wave of extremism has everyone worried for their life. There is general lack of trust between the local leaders and the people because over time their frustration has increased due to the lack of improvement in their living conditions. Successive governments have passed without ever resolving the issue of Kashmir and the leaders themselves live in constant fear of the instability which prohibits any growth and development.

Elections are the only time that people in a so called democratic state get to establish their will but even that right has been taken away from the Kashmiris. This group of persecuted people do not have a say in the matters of the governance of their own land. In a digital age, these stories are bound to get across and there is evidence of India trying to terrorise these people in order for them to exercise their right to vote to a party which favours the narrative at large.