LOS ANGELES-Julia Roberts nearly had her birthday surprise ruined. The ‘Pretty Woman’ star’s husband Daniel Moder organised a weekend away for her 50th birthday - and surprised her with a visit from her children - but the plan nearly went wrong when they drove past the kids, who were waiting outside the store.

She said: ‘’We stopped at a red light near the store, and [the kids] were on the sidewalk. He actually reached over, and he goes, ‘Look at the name of this street!’ I wish I could remember the name, because it was something so pedantic. He goes, ‘Gee, look at that.’ I was like, ‘Yeah...’ He kind of had a good grip on me. I was like, ‘He’s so sweet ...This is so strange.’ Because they were like right there outside the car! I’m very gullible. I don’t know if you’ve noticed. I pretty much believe everything people tell me!’’

And Julia adored the surprise that Phinnaeus, 13, Hazel, 13, and Henry, 11, organised for her.

She added to E! News: ‘’A few hours into my birthday, I kind of thought, ‘Huh...How funny. I’m not going to see the kids on my birthday. That feels strange. But we were still having a great time. We had a new adventure ahead of us ... We go into the back of the shop and I’m in the bathroom. Now, all along the drive, I’m getting texts from friends about the soccer games that are going on, because it was a Saturday. I come out of the bathroom and Danny’s holding this surfboard.

‘’He goes, ‘What do you think about this board, babe?’ I go, ‘It’s gorgeous.’ He goes, ‘Yeah? Do you think? The color?’ And then he just moves it and all the kids were hiding behind it. And I was so shocked!’’