The dramatic life is like a mirror to our real life. Infact, dramas are not the imagination scene but it is the scene created by ourselves. It shows us the reality of us that what we are. How we treat and help others who are needy and have a million collection of questions in their eyes. It depends upon ourselves if we treat others good definitely it will come back to us and everyone will be there for us in our good and bad times. Similarily, no one will be there if we treat them worse. In that way, drama shows the conditions of every one life. 

It is the lesson to every one who are not happy with what they have and have a greedy want to have more and more, that the end of life is in the hand of Almighty Allah and there is no any surety that if today we are then tomorrow we will be or not. So, only today is the best time to change ourselve by seeing the end of evils from dramas. 


Ratodero, October 13.