This refers to mooted subject on “Change” slogan chanted by PTI incumbent government in their election campaigns. The famous Greek philosopher Heraclitus who said that ‘the only constant in life is change’. This is fact that the change is universal factor which is inevitable and dynamic in its nature.

The performance of PTI government is not yet satisfied and served at the expectation of people but this is also truth that the spoilage of seven decades can not be redressed in the period of one year. Prime Minister Imran khan has to work hard to change the status quo of economic failure and mismanaged bureaucratic structure of the country which has the numerous dents.

The political crises and opposition hegemony has contributed alot in poor governance. The fault of Imran Khan was that he shower overnight change in his dharna time. He promised that he will bring mammoth changes during his dharna saga was his unplanned homework and to that he has failed to fulfill his said promise till now. I am not favouring Imran Khan not either stand in his support but I believe that at least he shall bring tangible results in making good policy internal as well as external. Pakistan is victim of terrorism, radical insurgency, religious militancy and stricken hard poverty. We have faced from such ailing for last seven decades because we have not utilized our sources appropriately. Pakistan is rich in natural resources but it is poorly managed due to sophisticated polices and corruption. The corruption free and better justice in country is the vision of primer Imran Khan since his polling campaigns. If he accomplishes his vision then it is hoped that Pakistan May at least stand on her feets. It is proposed that if Imran Khan directs his cabinet ministers to change the failing polices of institution which have been practiced for last seven decades he may bring tangible results. Structural move is slow process because change in structure demands special attention. Change is the offshoot of evolution and evolution is the mainstream of revolution. Evolution and revolution function simultaneously to bring change.