In the backdrop of heavy gun fire and shelling across the LOC last Sunday by the Indian troops which martyred one soldier and claimed six civilian lives and the retaliatory action by Pakistan army in which nine Indian soldier were killed and two bunkers were destroyed, the Indian top military commander has made yet another bizarre claim of having destroyed three alleged camps in Azad Kashmir. The claim has been strongly repudiated by the DG ISPR saying Indians have no grounds to support the false. Earlier in a tweet he had offered the Indian embassy in Pakistan to take any foreign diplomat or media to prove it on the ground. Since the Indian embassy did not respond positively to the offer, ISPR on itself took the diplomats and media to the area on Tuesday where the Indian army chief had claimed to have destroyed the launching pads of terrorists. After visiting the area the diplomats corroborated the version given by the Pakistani side saying they had found no evidence of any training camps except damage to the civilian structures and killing of local civilians. Consequently the Indian lie stands exposed before the world.

This is not for the first time that Indians have indulged in misleading the world through concocted claims of having destroyed the terrorist training camps in Pakistan to cover up for their oppression in the IOK. A similar hoax was unfurled by them when after the Pulwama incident they claimed to have destroyed a terrorist training camp at Balakot. Thanks to the our own and international media that it immediately nufflified the Indian claims by telecasting the footage of a hill side where only a few trees were felled as a result of the Indian bombing and no human casualties as claimed by India were discovered. As the idiom goes ‘A Lie has no legs to stand upon’. One cannot but express amazement at the audacity of the Indian leaders to continue making false claims even after such a big embarrassment.

No matter what the Indians do they cannot hide their oppression on the people of Kashmir which the Indian troops have let loose since 1989 and has reached the ultimate limits in the backdrop of the siege that has been laid since 5th August when the Indian government through a decree ended the special status of IOK. The episodes of atrocities and blatant violations of human rights have all along been documented by the international human rights entities like Amnesty International and of late by a group of the British parliamentarians, UN human Rights commission and the international media which has been continuously exposing the Indian oppression with graphic depictions in spite of the blockade of all means of communication and denial of access to the international media to the valley. In this age of media revolution made possible by the technological advancements it has become impossible for anybody to conceal the facts from the outside world. The international community and the UN was sensitized about the Indian oppression in IOK by Prime Minister Imran Khan in his address to the UN General Assembly and his interaction with American think tank and media during his visit to USA. It is another matter that the international community particularly the big powers remain criminally indifferent to the plight of the people of Kashmir blinded by their commercial and strategic interests rather than showing their commitment to the much claimed humanitarian credentials and respect for the right of self-determination of the oppressed people.

The Indian intransigence to give the people of Kashmir their right of self-determination and continuation of suppression of the freedom movement through the barrel of the gun as well as the indifference shown by the world community constitutes willful denial of the history of freedom movements. The Indians will not be able to persist with their oppression against the people of Kashmir indefinitely. It reminds me of a Urdu verse of Sahir Luidhianvi which goes like this ‘Zulm phir zulm hey bharta hey to mit jata hey khoon phir khoon hey tapke ga to jam jaey ga’. The English rendering of which is “Oppression is after all oppression and will perish if it crosses the limits, blood is blood and will condense if spilled”

Kashmiris are determined to fight till the end for their freedom. If the killing of more than one hundred thousand Kashmiris since 1989, rape of thousands of women and destruction of thousand of their houses has not succeeded in subduing the freedom struggle it will not be different story in the future. Indian oppression will be fiercely resisted as is evident from the permeating situation in IOK.

Indian leaders will ultimately have to recognize the ground realities. The reality is that Kashmir is unfinished agenda of the partition and the UN and the Indian leadership at the time of partition gave their commitment to settle the question of accession to either of the newly created states of India and Pakistan through a plebiscite under the auspices of the UN. Another irrefutable reality is that Pakistan is very much a party to the Kashmir dispute and would not allow India to get away with its oppression indefinitely. It would continue to extend moral, diplomatic and political support to the people of Kashmir and shaking the conscience of the world community for fulfilling its obligations towards the people of Kashmir.

Narendra Modi also needs to understand that Pakistan which is also a nuclear power and fully capable of giving a matching response to any aggressive act by India, cannot be cowed down by bellicose blustering or keeping the LOC hot through incessant violations of the ceasefire agreement. The humanitarian crisis developing in IOK might have very serious repercussion for the regional peace and security and India might not be able to extricate itself from the ensuing tragedy unscathed. It is therefore in India’s own interest to see the writing on the wall. It is also incumbent upon the international community and the UN to intervene now to prevent a possible clash between the two nuclear states that could have serious consequences for the region and beyond, as rightly pointed out by Prime Minister Imran Khan in his address to the UN General Assembly. India by continuing to act as a war like state is jeopardizing its own as well as the regions peace and security. The sooner this reality sinks in the minds of the Indian leaders the better it would be for all the stakeholders.

The writer is a freelance columnist.