China has been in the forefront of helping Pakistan after its worst-ever monsoon floods, even though it had itself been the victim of natural disasters very recently. This shows that the natural disasters striking the entire region are due to an overall change in climate, not just random events. The dimensions of Chinese flood aid were made clear in a briefing by the Chinese Embassy in Islamabad on Thursday, as well as by the meeting of Ambassador Liu Jian with PML(N) Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif and Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif at their Raiwind residence the same day. Chinas own flooding and landslides not only affected 110 million people, and 7002 hectares of crops, but caused about $21.3 billion in losses; yet not only had it announced aid of $50 million, now, since the flooding destruction has been greater than originally feared, Chinese PM Wen Jiabao has announced a further $200 million. This is in addition to the largest medical mission in Chinese history, consisting of 200 doctors and paramedics, including a PLA team of 68, now in Sehwan, where they arrived as recently as September 20. At the same time, China will help fully in the rehabilitation phase, and will continue to provide humanitarian aid based on Pakistans needs. All this has been done not because China has any interest in Pakistan, but out of a humanitarian spirit, without any desire to obtain benefits for itself. Meanwhile, Ambassador Liu accepted Mian Shahbazs invitation to the donors conference convened by the Punjab government for September 30. Once again it has been shown that Chinas friendship for Pakistan is not based on Chinas need, but on principles. It is only the historic friendship of the two which is coming now to Pakistans help. After the decision to build a nuclear power plant to help meet Pakistans power needs, Pakistan should be aware of its true friends. Chinese help is not predicated, as American, on doing their bidding, whatever the consequences for Pakistans own interests, but on common interests. Therefore we see the USA so niggardly in helping Pakistan in its hour of need, yet still attempting to impose its agenda, while Chinese help is without any strings.