LAHORE - Constitution of Pakistan is not Islamic, as 80 per cent portion of the Constitution is not in accordance with the principles of Quran and Sunnah, remarks Ch Rehmat Ali, Ameer Tehrik Azmat-e-Islam. He expressed these views at TheNation and Nawa-i-Waqt forum on Friday at Aiwan-i-Waqt. He said that making Quran and Sunnah as the Constitution of Pakistan would solve all the problems faced by the country. Rehmat observed that establishment of Khilafat was the only solution to all problems of the Muslim World. Tehriks Ameer said that Muslims of the world were divided and Ummah was facing various problems due to distancing from the 'System of Allah Almighty. We are dancing to the tunes of Americans due to our policies and abandoning the path of Quran and Sunnah and the Americans have become masters of our fate, said Rehmat. About the ongoing terrorism in the country, he said that no true Muslim could be involved in acts of terror and could undertake bombings against their brethren. Regarding the sentence of Dr Aafia by an American court, he said that our rulers dont have the courage to question the Americans even if they awarded a longer sentence to Dr Aafia. On the question of democracy, Rehmat observed that democracy was a disease that which handed over the powers of Allah Almighty to the masses and as the people in a democracy started declaring 'Harram as Hilal and Hilal as Harram. About the objectives of the Tehrik, he said they wanted restoration of Khilafat at the international level including Pakistan, as Khilafat was the only panacea for curing the issues of not only Islamic world but the nations of entire world. He said that Constitution of Pakistan was against the principles of Quran and Sunnah, as it admits that there was only one Shariat Court in Pakistan. Tehriks Ameer said that the Taliban rule in Afghanistan reflected the system of Khilafat and the Americans wanted to escape from Afghanistan along with allies. He said that forces working against the Islam had created fake Taliban who were defaming our religion. Rehmat said rulers knew that American and Indians were behind the acts of terror in the country but they dont have the courage to talk about this issue, as they were 'Prisoners to American Dictation.