LAHORE - Lawyers community decrying the New Yorks court decision against Dr Aafia Siddiqui announced to take part in the Aafia Movement terming her innocent and a victim of the apathy of the US justice system, Pakistani rulers and the international community, which they said, adopted double standards about her case while championing the human rights and civilised norms. On Friday the conviction to Dr Aafia was the hot subject of discussion at the level of legal fraternity in the City and everyone was agreed that she was punished for the offence she never committed and she would not have faced this situation, had the Pakistani government backed her and defended her case in the American court. Most of the them were of the view that Aafia was sacrificed at the altar of the American war on terror as America was not read to lose anything which goes to loose its grip on this war and to deny it a justification for perpetuation of the same. Lawyers were surprised that no charge was proved against the 38-yaer old Neuro physician but she was awarded 86 year jail which speaks the volumes of the fact what value the US attaches to Pakistani citizens and what value our ruler give to the protection of their citizens. They said the rulers were doing business on the life of Pakistanis and Aafias case speaks loudly of this fact in addition to the plight of over 20 million flood affectees who had been left in the lurch under the false promises and the dreams of good days. They said the rulers had become so insensitive to the nation that even if the whole nation would drown in the flood, they would least care and would feel satisfied, as their roots are deep outside the country more than inside the country. Lawyers foresee deep and serious repercussions of Dr Aafias sentence particularly on the government of Pakistan, which has directly been blamed for doing nothing for the release of Dr Aafia. Lawyer last day also took a peace rally from the Lahore High Court Bar to the GPO Chowk and from there they marched to the State Bank building bare footed. Judicial Activism Panel, a human right body o the lawyer, held an emergency meeting under the chairman of its president Azhar Siddiq and announced to take part in the movement for release of Dr Aafia. The meeting also invited the attention of the government of America, Britain, Russia, Germany, France, Pakistan and the OIC for initiating fresh efforts for the release of Dr Aafia. The Panel said that trial against Aafia should have been held in Pakistan as she was abducted from Karachi and venue of the trial in America was not fit under the international law. It held that decision violates that United Nations Charter of 1945, Universal Declaration of Human Right 1948, International Covenant on Civil Rights 1966, World Conferred Human Rights, Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action 1993, Declaration on Responsibility Programme of Action 1993 and others. The meeting also questioned the detention of Dr Aafia from 2003 to 2008 by the American forces, which it said was an insult to the Mangna Carta of the US.