LAHORE The provincial Industries Department has directed the Punjab Industrial Estate Development and Management Company to submit a report regarding alleged embezzlement of Rs 3 billion in the Sunder Industrial Estate, which has been initiated upon a letter written by SIE Owners Front. According to details mentioned in the documents available with The Nation, it has been maintained that Pervez Musharraf had implanted SM Tanveer and Tariq Javed in the Punjab government, while the coalition government was uninformed about the duo causing irreparable damage to Pakistan. However, the question is: how SM Tanveer and Tariq Javed managed to remain entrenched despite change of govt in Punjab whereas all leaders knew about the embezzlement, fraud, plunder and loot of Rs 8 bn by SM Munir and Tariq Javed, Chief Executive of Punjab Industrial Estates in the project Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway, and was appointed as Head of the National Highway Authority by former General. As per the document, buddies SM Munir and Tariq Javed joined hands together and made a plan to loot the motorway project. Tariq cancelled the contract of Turkish firm M/S Bindre, which was awarded by the then Premier Nawaz Sharif against Rs 16bn, and announced the motorway as a start of business and investment by Turkey in Pakistan. All investment in Pakistan by Turkey was immediately stopped since Tariq, with assistance from SM Munir, awarded the same motorway project to a company against Rs 24 bn on a single bid, and reportedly they both embezzled Rs 8 billion at the cost of Pak-Turk relations. Later, Musharraf got appointment of SM Tanveer said to be son of SM Munir as Chairman Punjab Industrial Estates sand Tariq Javed as CEO Punjab Industrial Estates where reportedly Tanveer and Tariq jointly embezzled and looted Rs 3bn from the SIE. They are also said to be involved in the embezzlement and stealing of funds for land allocated for 275 MVA power generation house, combine effluent treatment plant, busses, central Quality Control Laboratory, Community Centre, Fire Fighting System, space for truck stands, road connection with the SIE, cargo train connection with the SIE, dry port etc. In the same way, they are doing real estate business in the SIE contrary to the law of the Punjab Industrial Estates, where land was purchased at an average of Rs2 lac and sold at Rs 3.5 million per acre, and again they said to be making efforts by illegally cancelling plots sold in 2004, and reselling at Rs 10 million per acre by abusing power. They are said to have looted Rs 250m from 250 industrialists in June and July 2010. According to law of the PIE, Chairman and Chief Executive cannot take any salary but Tariq is getting package of Rs 8 lac monthly. Secondly, it is a must to have sound experience of industrialisation, but both have nothing to do with it. It has been also alleged that Tariq and Tanveer are selling the connection of Sui Gas at Rs.1.6m, electricity connection at Rs3.2m and registry fee per acre is Rs 3.6m. They had taken over the office built for Board of Management of the SIE, and embezzled Rs 70m from the head of building office, which had been already constructed. Moreover, both of them are said to stolen almost 60 per cent of the PIE record and now they had again planned to steal the rest during shifting of the PIE office to Sundar. The maladm-in-istration of Tanveer and Tariq is not only leading the closure of industries in the SIE but also leading to unemployment of 50000 persons directly and 500000 indirectly, which is being done by using Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharifs name sans latters knowledge, states the document. Secondly, Tanveer and Tariq are said to have unlawfully dissolved the BoM of Multan Industrially Estate since they have no powers to do so. Because of their looting and embezzlement, closure of industries in the Multan Industrial Estate had started. Also they are said to have embezzled Rs 180m given by the Punjab Government to build a new industrial estate in Gujrat while still no work has been done so far. On the other hand, despite CMs order for formulating BoM of the SIE within 10 days on May 8, but nothing has been done in this regard till date.