LAHORE Senior PPP leader Naheed Khan has alleged that the PPP had been hijacked by the people who had nothing to do with the party. Talking to reporters on her arrival at Lahore Airport along with her spouse Dr Safdar Abbasi on Friday evening, she said people, now holding big offices in the government, had no affiliation with the party of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto. She said the present office-holders in the government were the beneficiaries of Benazir Bhuttos assassination, and running the government in a haphazard manner without showing any regard to principles of good governance. Naheed criticised decision-making process in the party, asserting that it was faulty, as nobody knew as to when, where and by whom the decisions were taken. She said political decisions should be taken in a transparent manner. 'We have no personal grudge with the leadership, but certainly we have reservations over the manner in which party is being run, she remarked, adding that she was noticing an increasing gulf between the party workers and the leadership. She said Shaheed BB always identified herself with party workers and the common man, but the present leadership had no regard for her legacy. She said party was losing credibility among the masses because of the short-sightedness of present PPP leaders who had been committing blunders after blunders since assuming power in 2008. She said President Zardari should realise that he was one among the equals and abstain from making the party a family fiefdom. Replying to a question about banning the entry of her spouse Dr Safdar Abbasi in partys CEC meeting on Thursday, she said it showed lack of political wisdom on the part of partys top leadership. She advised party Co-Chairman, Asif Ali Zardari to mend his ways and avoid confrontation with the institutions. Naheed believed Asif Zardari was his own enemy, but as a result of his confrontational politics, the country was suffering a lot. She said the present government wanted confrontation among State institutions. Speaking on the occasion, Senator Safdar Abbasi said he had no personal enmity or property dispute with President Zardari, and just wanted the government to implement Supreme Court orders about NRO and Swiss cases. To a question, he said he did not want to attend CEC meeting compulsorily against the will of partys top leaders. He said he was invited to attend the meeting two days before the event, but after a while he got another call regretting that he was no more required to come to the Presidency for the purpose. He said party workers could not be eliminated by keeping them away from party meetings. Dr. Abbasi told reporters that he was having differences with party leadership for not pursuing BBs murder case. He said he wanted to attend the CEC meeting despite having differences with the leadership. He said PPP was a political party and he only believed in the leadership of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto. To a question, he said it was incumbent upon the government to abide by court decisions. He said governments writ had weakened after announcement of SCs judgement on NRO. When asked if President Zardari enjoyed immunity under the Constitution, Abbasi said that if somebody wanted to seek immunity he had to go to the court to explain his position.