LAHORE PML-N Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif has reiterated his partys stance that government should implement Supreme Courts verdict and write letter to the Swiss authorities regarding opening of cases against President Asif Ali Zardari. Addressing a news conference Friday after chairing a party meeting held to review rehabilitation process in the flood-hit areas, he said PML-Ns stance regarding Supreme Courts verdict was very clear from the day one. I am with Supreme Court on this issue which is a matter of rule of law and supremacy of Constitution, he remarked and added: We want implementation of the SC decision in letter and spirit, and at all costs. To a question, if President enjoyed immunity under the Constitution, he said he was not in a position to comment on the issue before the Supreme Court verdict in this regard. He said it was up to the SC to decide whether or not the President enjoyed immunity. Responding to a question about NRO, the PML-N Chief said he and his party had opposed this law from the very beginning when it was under process of its enactment. All NRO-ed people should resign voluntarily or they should be made to resign, he observed, adding that sins committed by these persons were unpardonable. Nawaz also criticised the government for not honouring courts verdict on NRO, saying that it had adopted defiance posture and was browbeating the court at every step. To a question about change of government, he said government could avoid change if it stopped defiance of the SC orders, checked corruption in departments and took steps to end loadshedding, price-hike and unemployment. He warned that if the government did not reform itself, change was bound to come. He said nobody could stop change from coming when it became inevitable. He cited the example of General Musharraf, saying that he was confident even on the last day of his removal. But the people suddenly saw him on TV screens announcing his decision to quit. He made it clear yet again that PML-N would not become part of any engineered or sponsored move to dislodge the government. He said his party did not want to revert to the days of nineties when horse-trading was used as a tool to change governments. He said he was in favour of a change from within the Parliament, brought about in a transparent manner. He said his party was not ready to welcome a new dictator, as a lot of joke had already been done with the country by resorting to martial laws. When asked why his party was reluctant to file a suit against Musharraf for his trial in a court of law, Nawaz replied that under Article-6 of the Constitution, only the federal government was authorised to initiate the case. He also accused the government of helping Musharraf to flee the country. He reiterated his demand that General Musharraf along with his accomplices be tried for the murder of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti. He also criticised Musharraf for handing over Dr Aafia to the US, saying that he committed a great crime by doing so. Describing Aafia as a daughter of the nation, he said he talked to US envoy Richard Holbrooke on the issue several times and also wrote a detailed letter to Prime Minister, asking him to play his role to bring her back. Talking about corruption, he said Rs1,000 billion went out of the tax system every year in Pakistan, which should be recovered and spent on providing relief to the common man in terms of reduction in price-hike. To a question about Kashmir conflict, Nawaz said it could be settled amicably if India sat with Kashmiri leadership on the negotiation table and resolved the issue as per their wishes. He also condemned India for human rights violations in Kashmir.